Key Secrets Discovered

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The Original Bible told us that Lilith was Adam’s first mate and that after she left him God created Eve. Cain may have married Lilith’s Daughter.

Finding a Parallel Universe
Paranormal Cover Photo for websiteNASA is building equipment to search for and prove that Parallel Universes exist. Some believe that the dead may reside in one.
We Can Become Immortal

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Methuselah lived 969 years. We synthesized an enzyme from the tree of life and used it in the laboratory to make human cells immortal.

About Author Walter Parks

Walter Hugh Parks graduated from Mississippi State University as an aerospace engineer and worked for Lockheed Martin for 24 years.  He advanced from an aerospace engineer to Vice President of the Company and President of the Tactical Weapons Systems Division.

He then formed Parks-Jaggers Aerospace Company and sold it 4 years later.

He continued his education throughout his career with a MBA degree from Rollins College and with Post Graduate Studies in Astrophysics at UCLA; Laser Physics at the University of Michigan; Computer Science at the University of Florida; and Finance and Accounting at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

After selling his aerospace company he formed Quest Studios, Quest Entertainment and Rosebud Entertainment to make films at Universal Studios.  He produced 10 films, Directed 7 films and wrote 5 films produced at Universal Studios.

He then formed UnknownTruths Publishing Company to publish true stories of the unusual or of the previously Unknown or unexplained.  These include books about past events so unbelievable that most people have relegated them to “myths”.

UnknownTruths is now an online book store with great new books to read. Most of his books are available as audio books, paperbacks and eBooks.

His books, eBooks and audio books include:

Atlantis the Eyewitnesses in eBook, Paperback and Audio as described herein.  These books are based on scientific evidence and an ancient document about Atlantis written many centuries before Plato.

Immortal Again, Secrets of the Ancients in paperback and an eBook based on evidence and scientific tests showing how Methuselah and other ancients lived such long lives.

Aging is a Treatable Disease in paperback and an eBook that describes why we age and what we can do to increase our healthy longevity.

Jesus the Missing Years an eBook based on new evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents.

Noah’s Flood a paperback based on scientific evidence and ancient documents and artifacts.

Who the Hell is Satan is an eBook based on ancient documents and new scientific findings.

Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe based on scientific evidence and inspired by measurements at a paranormal encounter.

Alligator Attack! Based on a true story of a very large alligator attacking a man in Orlando Florida.

Finding the Soul based on experimental results from research conducted on paranormal events.

Ancient Secrets is a summary of ancient findings and their likely affect on the future.

The Devil Takes the Bodies is a novel based on an enhancement of a true store as witnessed by a group in Mississippi.

Clan of the Bigfoot is a novel about a school teacher finding and joining a Bigfoot Clan in Louisiana.

Corpus Di Lecti, the Body Returns is a novel based on a true story about a killer that keeps trying to get rid of a body that keeps coming back.

Nine of these Books have been grouped into The Ancient  Secrets Category