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The Original Bible told us that Lilith was Adam’s first mate and that after she left him God created Eve. Cain may have married Lilith’s Daughter.

Finding a Parallel Universe
Paranormal Cover Photo for websiteNASA is building equipment to search for and prove that Parallel Universes exist. Some believe that the dead may reside in one.
We Can Become Immortal

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Methuselah lived 969 years. We synthesized an enzyme from the tree of life and used it in the laboratory to make human cells immortal.


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UnKnownTruths Publishing Company was formed to publish true stories of the unusual or of the previously Unknown or unexplained. These stories typically provide radically different views from those that have shaped the understandings of our natural world, our religions, our science, our history, and even the foundations of our civilizations.

The Company’s stories also include stories of the very important anti-aging, life-extending medical breakthroughs; stem cell therapies; genetic therapies; cloning and other emerging findings that promise to change the very meaning of life.

The Company also publishes stories from the past that are so unbelievable that they are generally considered to be myths. The published stories provide the evidence for the truth.

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