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The Original Bible told us that Lilith was Adam’s first mate and that after she left him God created Eve. Cain may have married Lilith’s Daughter.

Finding a Parallel Universe
Paranormal Cover Photo for websiteNASA is building equipment to search for and prove that Parallel Universes exist. Some believe that the dead may reside in one.
We Can Become Immortal

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Methuselah lived 969 years. We synthesized an enzyme from the tree of life and used it in the laboratory to make human cells immortal.


Cain’s wife Atlantis the Eyewitnesses Paranormal…Universe
CainIt is vitally important for Christians to be able to answer this question because it relates to defending the fact that all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve and only their descendants can be saved.
Cain’s wife has been talked about in countries all over the world for hundreds of years.Skeptics of the Bible have used Cain’s wife time and again to try to discredit the book of Genesis as a true historical record.

This story of Cain’s Wife is my initial attempt to reconcile the Bible with the undisputable scientific evidence for creative evolution.  I have combined 4 sets of information: The current Bible, the old Bible before the major changes in late BC and early AD, other Ancient Literature, and the scientific facts of creation/evolution.

I try to clarify why the Bible gives 2 accounts of the creation of Adam and Eve.

The Bible actually describes the creation of 2 women for him.  The first was Lilith (Genesis 1:27) but her name was removed from the current Bible.  However her name can be seen in the older version of the Bible that existed before later day changes were made.

The creation of Eve, Adam’s second mate, was created from Adam’s rib and is described in Genesis 2:18.

Lilith has been systematically removed from the Bible, except for one reference in Isaiah 34:14.
Not only was Lilith removed from the Bible, but she was demonized.

The facts remain that she did exist and she did have children that are mentioned throughout the ancient literature.  At lease one of her daughters was called Lilim.

Lilim may have became Cain’s wife.

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AtlantisWe have all heard of Plato and Atlantis. Some believe Atlantis is just a myth. Others belileve that Atlantis really existed.Almost everyone would like to believe that it really did exist. But where was this ancient society of Plato and Atlantis; and it it existed, where are the remains of Atlantis?

Many people generally believe that Atlantis was a fiction created by Plato.  Well Plato was not the first to write about it.

Further, we have assembled enough evidence in terms of archeological finds and scientific facts to provide convincing proof that Atlantis really did exist.

And we have found the remains.

You can see the sunken Atlantis on Google Earth and it is located exactly where Plato told us it sank.

The same tectonic plates and associated volcanic activity that created Atlantis also created 9 other significant islands and island groups that still exist.  There are also hundreds of related rocks and small islets.

Atlantis and these other Islands and Islets were created on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a section of Earth’s longest mountain range, most of which is underwater.

But Atlantis and the other 9 significant islands and hundreds of islets rose above water and today still have altitudes up to 7,711 above the sea level.  This highest peak is on Pico Mountain in the Azores.
The Azores, now Islands, were once mountain peaks on Atlantis.

The process that created Atlantis is continuing.  The most recent new island is Surtsey located 20 miles south of Iceland.  It rose above sea level in a series of volcanic eruptions between November 8, 1963 and June 5, 1968.

Take a look at our book and see actual photos of the sunken Atlantis and the many other Islands created by the process that created Atlantis.

Learn what dozens of ancients wrote about Atlantis.
And most convincing, read the world’s oldest surviving document which describes the destruction of Atlantis.

Learn what the ancients knew and how they influenced everything that we know and everything we are today.

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ParanormalWe went to a very weird old house where a Paranormal Investigative Team was working.  The team was led by the girl Amy, about 25 or so.  She had another girl and 2 guys about her age as the rest of the team.They had some pretty sophisticated equipment.  Their equipment recorded the event in detail.
The temperature sensing equipment showed significant and rapid temperature drops when the “entities” appeared.

Their electromagnetic sensors recorded the spikes of appearance and higher than normal levels as their presence continued.

Their infra red cameras detected image hot spots that varied in size from small orbs to life size wisps of bright energy.

Their acoustic equipment recorded static “noise” and varying levels of frequency specific hums with their presence.

Amy and one of her other team members, Ted could detect all of this much faster than the other two team members and my friends Bob, Mike and I could.

They could also understand communications when the rest of us could only detect the static noise and hums.

Amy and Ted could also see people when the rest of us only saw varying sizes of orbs and bright un-discernable images.

But Bob, Mike and I saw enough to know that we experienced a real paranormal encounter.

The machine that measured temperature and its rate of change proved to be most interesting.  Amy explained that when “entities” came over into our world that they need energy to materialize.  That’s why it gets cold when ghosts, or whatever, come on the scene.  They suck up the energy from the room or area so they can come into being.

The more energy that they are able to absorb, the more visible they become.

Mike and I were initially skeptical.

Amy asked if I believed that people had souls.  I told her that I was taught to believe that in my southern Baptist upbringing, but I had drifted away as I studied and worked in the physics based aerospace industry.

Amy stared at me for a moment and then the detail explanations began.  We discussed the soul, ghosts, paranormal events, parallel universes to the point that we all became believers.

I became so convinced that I set out on a data collecting research project to try to determine the science behind paranormal events.  I tried to determine that, if there is a soul, how can it exist and be described scientifically.

I used my findings along with the inspiration from the paranormal encounter to write a film script about the paranormal encounter.  This imagined script is included in this book.

Read the book and you will become a believer.

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Jesus the Missing Years Immortal Again Who the Hell is Satan
JesusWhere was He? Why did the Bible not say?After an intensive search and study of The Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents Mr. Parks found where God gave instructions, through His Prophets, for the preparation of a place in the wilderness for His Son Jesus.

The instructions were followed. A place was prepared. And it was at this place in the wilderness that God’s human Son was secluded during his formative years. It was there that Jesus prepared to become the Messiah.

Mr. Parks learned how and to whom God gave the instructions of exactly how to prepare His Son.

He learned the reason for secrecy of the whereabouts of Jesus during this period of seclusion.

He found ruins of the place of where He was secluded.

From fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents, he pieced together the scrolls and ancient documents that Jesus studied.

This book is a Bible Story that is greatly enhanced with findings from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents. It describes the formation of the parables of Jesus and gives insights into prophecies for our future.

Readers are invited to see how and where the preparations for Jesus were made; to see photographs and computer generated re-constructions of the ruins of where He was secluded; and to read some of the scrolls and ancient documents that Jesus studied while He was secluded.

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ImmortalThe science suggests that we may be able to eventually free ourselves of aging and, like the ancients, become Immortal Again.Immortal Again tells the story of the re-discovery of the Biblical “tree of life”, and tells of today’s activities to become immortal again.

Dr. Hayflick discovered that the natural age related erosion of the telomeres at the ends of our chromosomes limits our lifespan to about 120 years just as the Bible had told us.

This is now termed the Hayflick Limit.

Dr. Harley, et al at the Geron Corporation recently found a way to re-grow the eroded telomeres such that our cells can continue to function indefinitely.

He made human cells become immortal.

The ingredient used by Dr. Harley that made the cells immortal is an enzyme called telomerase.  Our bodies secrete it when we are rapidly growing embryos in our mother’s womb, but our bodies do not produce it very long after birth.

The protein structure of telomerase is similar to an enzyme found in a certain plant.  A “cousin” of this plant with the exact protein structure of telomerase, may have lived before – and was destroyed by – the flood.

Did the ancients consume telomerase from the tree of life?

Many now believe that Aging is a Treatable Disease.

Immortal Again describes the ancient documents and the modern research that may allow us to become Immortal Again.

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SatanWho is the Devil Satan?  Do we really know if and why he was thrown from heaven as the Bible tells us in Revelation 12:7-9?We have collected stories of the devil coming to earth from numerous ancient accounts.

We have gathered scientific evidence of his coming to earth.

God did indeed throw Satan out of heaven.  He is the fallen angel. We have the scientific proof.

Satan caused great evil on earth and may well be a part of the end times.  We have come to know him as the personalization of all evil.

He has played a key role in almost all of our various world religions.

We need to know the truth about him.

This book will let you know why and how he was thrown from heaven.  This book will let you know the real Satan, and who he is today.

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Finding the Soul Treasure Hunt,Solomon’s Ancient Secrets
SoulMost societies down through the ages have considered the concept of the soul.  Many believe that we do have souls; some do not.My southern Baptist upbringing taught me that we do have a soul.  My scientific education and a career in the Aerospace Industry made me question this belief.

I decided to analyze what the soul could be from a scientific standpoint.

We can use our imaginations to see things that our 5 senses cannot detect.  Einstein’s imagination gave us the reality of Relativity that our senses could not detect.

I used his “thinking out of the box” and his famous equation to imagine what the soul could be in terms of scientific laws.

You will have to use you imagination to come on this exploration with me.

Please do.

We have never understood what the soul really could be but we know that if we survived death that we must have something like the soul.

I knew that our five senses could not detect the soul. I therefore knew that if we have a soul we would have to find it in some manner beyond our five senses. I was thinking about how Einstein used his imagination to develop the theory of relativity. He could not see the parameters of relativity with his five senses. So he imagined things beyond his five senses and came out with his famous equation E = MC squared where E stands for energy, M stands for matter and C is the speed of light.
Let’s use his equation to explore for the soul.

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TreasureThe Treasure was split up and hidden in 64 different places in and around Jerusalem when it was taken from the Temple.. Those locations were documented on the Copper Scroll found with the Dead Sea Scrolls.The first of these scrolls were found by Bedouins in caves at Qumran in 1947. The Copper Scroll was later found in cave number 3 by professionals in 1952.

A search of the locations listed in the Copper Scroll revealed that the Treasure had been moved from the original 64 hiding places.

The current value of the Temple Treasure is well over a billion dollars; my efforts to find and retrieve it were therefore a worthy treasure hunt.

I became interested in Solomon’s Temple Treasure when I was approached by a Federal Inmate; we’ll call him The Hat, to arrange financing for an expedition to bring the Temple Treasure from its remote hiding place to the United States.

He contacted me because I was making films at Universal Studios and he thought it would make a good movie. He hoped that the film project could generate enough money to fund the retrival expedition.

He reasoned that he could not go to any authorities less the Treasure would be taken from him; after all he was in prison and had been ordered to pay millions of dollars of restitution. He was also under suspicion for additional crimes for which he had not yet been charged.

He believed at the time of our first meeting that his appeal would result in his release within about a year. He feared however that he may later be tried and sent back to prison for his additional, yet uncharged crimes.

He was also concerned about questions as to who owned the Treasure. Would it be the Israelis? Would it be the country in which the treasure is found?

Would it take forever for him to get any part of its value for himself?

These concerns coupled with his fear that he would surely go back to prison because of the earlier crimes for which he was suspected motivated him to develop a plan. The first element of the plan was the need to get the Treasure safely placed in the hands of a separate party.

His ideas was to then have his attorney make a “deal” with the Feds to void all current and suspected crimes against him and give him a generous “finder’s fee” for turning the Treasure over to them. The Feds would then work with the Israelis as necessary to have this great historical and economical Treasure returned to them.

Return of this Treasure would surely result in the building of the Third Temple.  He reasoned that the Feds should view this as a viable plan that would return this great Treasure to mankind for the simple “price” of one man’s freedom.

This is the story of what happened and where Solomon’s Temple Treasure is today.

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Ancients SecretsStep back and consider the following.
We are not alone.  We have never been alone.There are billions of other earth-like planets.
There are millions of intelligent civilizations living on these planets.
Thousands of these civilizations communicate with each other.
Hundreds of these civilizations trade with each other.

Several have visited earth.
Our ancestors have documented meetings with some of the visitors.
One visit helped ancient Atlantians build a great civilization.
One visit resulted in some of the Biblical patriarchs being shown how to become immortal.

One visit warned of the coming of “Satan” and a worldwide destruction.

There are an unlimited number of parallel universes.
There is a portal from our universe to at least one other parallel universe.

We have received visitors from parallel universes.
A few from our universe have visited parallel universes.

We may have afterlife in one of the parallel universes.
Afterlife visitors can impart great wisdom to us today.
Afterlife visitors can wreck chaos here on earth from time to time.

These observations are becoming realities as we unravel ancient secrets.

I have been intrigued all my life with wondering just what the ancients really did know.

Did we really get started with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Did Satan really cause us to sin?  Who is Satan?  Where did he come from; and why?

Did Methuselah really live 969 years?

Did Atlantis really exist?  Was it our first great civilization?  If so, how did it come about?

Just who was Jesus?  Where was He and what was He doing in those missing years?

Do we really have a soul?  If so, just what is it?  Does it survive our death?  Where does it go?  Where is my fathers now?

Does my father’s soul dwell in a parallel universe?

What is a parallel universe?

Are paranormal events real or do we just imagine them?

Why can we not explain what our ancestors, the ancients, lived with and believed everyday?

I went searching for answers.
I found much more than I expected.  I learned that the old “myths” are not without foundation.

We can learn very much from the ancients; their secrets can significantly improve our lives today.

I set out to document my findings in 12 books.  I have already published 11 of them.

All 12 are summarized herein and the first chapters for the 11 already published are provided.

Read; learn; enjoy!

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